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To discuss your specific product and pricing solution needs, contact your region's International Sales Executive.

Download the list of USPS International Sales Executives (RTF 22 KB)

As of March 1, 2023, packages sent to countries that follow European Union (EU) customs rules need more-detailed content descriptions for customs forms. Learn what you need to do.

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Global Shipping Software

Free USPS® software guides you through the international shipping process. Shipping guides explain how to create mailing labels, customs forms, postage statements, and manifests, as well as how to prepare documentation for export screening.

What Global Shipping Software Can Do

  • Accept package information on-screen or electronically, reducing or eliminating user data entry
  • Assign individual package identification or tracking numbers
  • Calculate postage prices
  • Generate mailing labels, customs forms, postage statements, and manifests (including the PS Form 3700 (PDF 84 KB), PS Form 3152 (PDF 37 KB), and the Detailed Manifest form)
  • Provide a data file with package processing details and tracking information to the mailer
  • Available at no cost to qualifying mailers

How It Works

  1. Pay with a Permit Imprint at a discounted postage rate.
  2. Create the required mailing labels and customs forms.
  3. Forward package data to streamline export compliance.
  4. Receive package processing details and tracking information in a data file.

Mailer Requirements

  • Ability to pay postage through at least one of the following methods:
    • Pay with a Permit Imprint
    • Electronic Verification System (eVS) Postage Payment
    • Printed Postage Statement
  • eVS account activation if paying postage through eVS as set forth in DMM 705.2.0
  • Permit activation if paying postage by permit as set forth in DMM 705.2.0

Technical Requirements

  • Must access GSS website via a supported browser (Microsoft Edge, Opera, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox)
  • PC running Windows 7 and higher
  • Label printer with Windows drivers that can generate 4-inch by 6-inch labels
  • Local or networked document printer
  • Reliable Internet connection

Technical Assistance

Need help with the software? Email the GSS Help Desk at to get started.

Commercial ePacket

Send lightweight Commercial ePacket® shipments internationally with the speed and transparency ecommerce customers demand. Track shipments all the way to your customer’s door.

Package or Parcel Requirements:

  • Maximum length is 24″
  • Minimum size is large enough to accommodate required elements, such as postage, address, and customs form
  • Total of length, height, and thickness cannot exceed 36″
  • Maximum weight is 4.4 lbs or 2 kg

Rolls Requirements

  • Maximum length is 36″
  • Maximum length plus twice the diameter combined is 42″
  • Minimum length is 4″
  • Minimum length plus twice the diameter combined is 6 3/4″
  • Maximum weight is 4.4 lbs or 2 kg

USPS ePacket Country List

USPS ePacket is available to the following countries:

France (includes Corsica and Monaco)
Georgia, Republic of

Hong Kong
Korea, Republic of (South)

New Zealand
Slovak Republic
Turkiye, Republic of
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

International Bulk & Package Services

Whether you need speed or affordability, check out our international bulk and package services to find the right fit for your business shipments.

Export Laws & Rules

Access resources on export rules for U.S. businesses. Get tools and advice developed by international experts.

Get Help with Export Rules

Even though your International Sales Executive can help you navigate the export process, we recommend that you learn about federal export laws.

For additional resources on export rules, visit

Pricing & Export Agreements

Find out how you could qualify for reduced prices and free packaging based on how much you spend on international shipping.

Global Expedited Package Service Agreements

Businesses that commit to spending $200,000 or more on shipping annually can:

  • Qualify for lower prices on Priority Mail Express International® and Priority Mail International®.
  • Get free packaging.

Commercial Plus Pricing

Businesses can qualify for deep discounts with Commercial Plus® pricing.

You must commit to spending $100,000 or more on Global Express Guaranteed®, Priority Mail Express International, Priority Mail International, or First-Class Package International Service® during a calendar year.

To see if your business qualifies for reduced pricing through Commercial Plus pricing or a Global Expedited Package Service Agreement, contact your International Sales Executive.

USPS International Sales Executives (RTF 22 KB)

Customs Forms for International Mail

You generally need a customs form for international mail and parcels. The form you need depends on the service you’re using and the declared value of your mail.

Learn more about customs forms, including new requirements for more-detailed descriptions of contents in packages sent to countries that follow European Union (EU) customs rules.

Complete Customs Forms Online

Get started by providing your mailing information and package details.

Complete Your Customs Form

When you print your international postage with Click-N-Ship® service, it creates customs forms for you.

Print a Label

Import Support: Global Direct Entry

Under the Global Direct Entry® (GDE) Wholesaler Program, The Postal Service® establishes relationships with certain wholesalers that tender international inbound shipments and parcels to USPS after U.S. Customs and Border Protection has cleared the items.

How It Works

  1. Mailpiece is processed overseas and shipped to the U.S. border/port.
  2. Mailpiece clears U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
  3. Mailpiece enters the USPS mail stream.
  4. USPS delivers mailpiece via the specified service.

USPS International Shipping Partners

Use Postal Qualified Wholesalers

Postal Qualified Wholesalers work closely with the U.S. Postal Service to help businesses global mailing and shipping preparation, transportation, and printing. This includes working with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to facilitate packages coming into the United States.